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Enjoy Free Shipping with any purchase of HK $500 or above

Karada-Lab Mapo Konjac Noodles [260g]

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• Low carbohydrates content, (Sugar: 17.7g; Calorie: 102 kcal; Fiber: 4.4g) 

• Japanese manufactured Kojac pasta, reduced carbohydrates meal 

• Elastic pasta texture, filling, healthy and delicious 

• Suitable for carbohydrates reduction beginners or dieters 

• Mapo flavor 

• Can be served hot or cold 

• Also suitable for mixing with other noodles / pastas to reduce the overall calorie consumption 

• 1 packet serves 2 – 3 people

Main ingredient:
【Konjac processed foods】Konjac noodle(Made in Japan)(Soy pulp powder(Including Soy beans), Konjac powder, Sticky rice flour, Oats dietary fiber), Seasoning(Konbu seasoning, Salt)/Processed starch, Seasoning(Amino acid etc.), Calcium hydroxide(Coagulant for Konjac), Black tea extract
【Pasta sauce】Vegetables(Carrot, Cloud ear mushroom, Bamboo shoots, Red paprika), Sugar, Hydrolyzed protein(Including Pork, Beef), Ginger, Chinese Chili beans sauce, Garlic, Sesame oil, Leek oil(Flavored oil(Including soy beans)), Shrimp sauce(Including soy beans, Flour), Pork oil, Sesame powder, Paprika powder, Seafood extract, Thickener(Processed starch)/Seasoning(Amino acid) Caramel pigment, Acidulant(Including Wheat, Beef, Sesame, Soy beans, Pork)

How to use:

1. Cut a small hole at the top of the packaging bag

2. Empty the water within the pack

3. Tear open the entire packaging

4. Place in a pan to quickly heat it for 3 to 5 minutes.

5. OR heat it up for 3 minutes in the microwave.