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Enjoy Free Shipping with any purchase of HK $500 or above

Osawa Japanese-Style Vegetarian Seasoning Rice Mix

by Ohsawa
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• Vegan
• Use natural fermented soy sauce to create the rice seasoning
• No additive sugar and chemicals
• Mix with rice
• 1 box = 2 – 3 servings

1/【Vegetable Flavor】: Add Japanese Soy Chicken, Japanese burdock, and carrots
2/【Mushroom Flavor】: 
Add Japanese Soy Chicken, Japanese mushroom, shitake mushrooms, and other fungi
3/【Burdock Flavor】: Add Japanese Soy Chicken, Japanese burdock, and carrots
4/【Root vegetables】: Added vegetables, Japanese burdock, and carrots, lotus roots

Main ingredients:

1/【Vegetable Flavor】: Soy protein, Vegetables (Carrots, burdock), kombu, sugar, soup, Soy sauce, Fermented seasoning, Rapeseed oil, Salt, Fermented food, Maple Syrup (contains wheat)
2/【Mushroom Flavor】:Kombu Soup / Shitake mushrooms (Made in Japan), Soy Sauce, Fungi, carrots, Organic Syrup, Sugar, Sea Salt, Fermented seasoning, Vinegar/ Rapeseed oil, Maple Syrup, Kombu Powder
3/【Burdock Flavor】: Carrots, burdock, fungi soup, fungi, oil, fermented vegetarbles, fermented seasoning, sea salt, Organic Syrup, Kombu powder, Rapeseed oil
4/【Root vegetables: Kombu soup (made in Japan), specially made carrots, burdock, lotus roots, soy sauce, fungi, organic syrup, deep friedsugar, sea salt, fermented seasoning, rapeseed oil, mape syrup, kombu powder

How to use:

1. Use 300g of rice, add 1/3 ups of water (60cc)

2. Put 1 pack of rice seasoning into the rice

3. Boil the rice, and stir the mixture