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Enjoy Free Shipping with any purchase of HK $500 or above

U-connect 30 Days Charcoal Powder [60g]

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U-connect 30 days Charcoal Powder [60g]

• The Charcoal Powder is from high-quality activated Ina Akamatsu Pine Charcoal

• Each packet contains 300 billion types of digestive probiotic bacteria

• Aids slimming, keeping fit, and improving one’s digestive system

• This product is blended by carefully selected high-quality, activated, and easily-absorbable:

(1) Ina Akamatsu Pine Charcoal (2) oligosaccharide (3) Salacia oblonga (4) Enzymes

• Effectively suppresses the absorption of cholesterol and sugars; also helps flush out other harmful substances

Main ingredients: Dietary fiber, malto-oligosaccharides, red pine charcoal, fermented grain extracts (including wheat), dextrin, lamella, mixed powder of lactic acid bacteria (18 species of Bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria), corn starch, lactose, butyl Acid bacteria (including milk ingredients, soybeans) / thickener (xanthan gum)

Suggested Use:

• 1 packet per day

• Add 150cc of water. Mix well before drinking (Best drink before meals)

*Not suitable for breast-feeding Mothers or Kids