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Enjoy Free Shipping with any purchase of HK $500 or above

Gluten Free Food

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    Nakano 無麩質蒸蛋糕粉 (三款口味) [80克]


    Nakano 無麩質蒸蛋糕粉 (三款口味) [80克] • 無麩質 • 純素 • 使用天然無麩質的高粱粉 • 不含28種致敏原材料 • 直接加入水攪拌,放微波爐叮3分鐘即可食用! •作早餐或下午茶都非常方便!   三款口味: 原味、朱古力味、抹茶味   原味主要成份: 白高粱粉(日本產),甜菜...

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About Our Gluten Free Food Online Store

100% Wellness started off as a Japanese gluten free food online store in Hong Kong. In recent years, “gluten free Hong Kong” has become an increasingly popular topic amongst the wellness community in the city these days. Many have slowly become aware that gluten consumption is one of the key causes to many of their physical discomforts. For example: Bloating, Skin allergies, Insomnia etc.

Whilst the concept has become more well-known, we noticed that it is a huge challenge to find affordable and quality gluten free food in Hong Kong. Therefore, we have committed to bring in more gluten free food for Hong Kong’s increasingly health-conscious consumers, and most carefully curate our assortment of products to ensure that it is of high quality and reasonable prices.

Our goal is to best serve the entire gluten free Hong Kong community. Today, we are proud to share that we are commemorated and recognized as one of the biggest Gluten free food Hong Kong key suppliers


Our Convenient Gluten Free Online Shop

100% Wellness has an official gluten free food online store, and we are now officially on HKTV Mall in 2021, one of the most popular online shop platforms in Hong Kong. Customers can find and buy our gluten free Hong Kong products more easily and conveniently.

In 2022, we now have over 100 items on our gluten free online store as we as the HKTV Mall shop, and we offer the best prices with the best quality of gluten free food for Hong Kong customers.

Customers can receive our gluten free food by SF Express or HKTV Mall shipping or pick-up at HKTV Mall offline store. All of our gluten free Hong Kong products are kept at our secure warehouse under strict hygienic conditions. What’s more, our delivery process is professional and secure, and our gluten free online shop has gained a lot of good comments and trust from customers. In the near future, our 100% Wellness gluten free food online store will be bringing more good quality Japanese gluten free food to Hong Kong, and we hope to deliver the best online shopping experience to all our customers.

Health Benefits of Gluten Free Food

Through our experience in serving the gluten free online and local community, we have noticed that apart from gluten, there are many other popular allergens which may cause great physical issues to many people in Hong Kong. Therefore, we have started exploring other allergen-free diets, for example: Egg-free, Meat-free, Dairy-free etc. We cannot stand to see people having to abstain from their favorite foods, dishes, and restaurants because of different allergies they were born with or they have developed over the years. Although everyone was born with a different body type, we strive for everyone to have the equal rights to enjoy a delicious meal without compromising their health and overall well-being.

So today, we are pleased to announce that aside from our gluten free online assortment, we have curated a variety of egg-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, vegetarian, and vegan collections in order to serve an even bigger allergen-free community. Our gluten free online shop will continually try our very best to bring forth and expand different collections which serve everyone’s different needs.

Our 100% Wellness gluten free food online store believes that no matter what dietary requirements one requires or prefers, everyone deserves affordable, delicious and allergen-free options. Stay well, and stay tuned for your next worry-free experience with us!

A Gluten Free Food Hong Kong Supplier

Also, if you are a café, restaurant, shop, or other business type which is interested in working with us to procure gluten free Hong Kong products, please do not hesitate to send us an email anytime. We always welcome and are thrilled to work with more of you to serve our city’s needs through different channels! 100% Wellness as a gluten free food Hong Kong supplier is ready to provide anything you need!

About Gluten Free Hong Kong Products - FAQs:


1. How do I know that I need to choose gluten free food?

Gluten is often used in our daily food, like noodles, pasta, cookies and bread. Therefore, you may not easily notice if you have gluten sensitivity or intolerance. Even if the symptoms of food allergies are not severe, they should be found early and take appropriate eating habits to regulate your health.

If you want to test yourself for gluten allergy symptoms, you can first check by the following short-term observations. Observe your mental state after eating gluten-containing foods, such as needing more energy to digest food, which can lead to difficulty concentrating, heavy fatigue, migraine, or constipation, bloating, and stomach pain caused by indigestion. All of the above symptoms may be caused by ingesting wheat or gluten foods. If your symptoms are not severe, you can choose to eat gluten free food in Hong Kong, instead of one or two meals a day and see if your body improves by reducing your gluten intake. Consumers are welcome to check out our extensive gluten free online product collection.


2. Does gluten free food work for skin improvement?

Lots of people who want to improve their eczema or skin condition will switch to have gluten free food in Hong Kong, and most of them have improved. Wheat is easy to cause inflammation in the body. Therefore, changing to consuming gluten free Hong Kong products can help improve your skin quality!


3. Does gluten free food help to lose weight?

In recent years, gluten free food in Hong Kong has gained a reputation to help lose weight, and many European and American celebrities are gluten free lovers, such as Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham. Gluten free foods help them to keep slim body shape, and they think their health has improved as well. So many people will follow their eating habits and hope to lose weight by eating gluten free food.

In essence, gluten free Hong Kong products use rice as the main ingredient, but it does not mean the calories are reduced. Some people may have improved their bloating problem due to their gluten intolerance, and thus have the effect of losing weight visually. Therefore, to achieve weight loss, it is not only recommended to choose gluten free food, but also to pay attention to the added ingredients of the food itself, and think about whether it is low-calorie or low-fat.
Consumers can conveniently choose healthy products on our 100% Wellness gluten free food online store. Moreover, customers can easily check the food nutrition at our store, and choose the best gluten free Hong Kong products for them.