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Enjoy Free Shipping with any purchase of HK $500 or above
Enjoy Free Shipping with any purchase of HK $500 or above

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Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and more!


Sourced directly from Japan and beyond!


Premium options for premium customers like you


100% Wellness brings to you a curation of premium, Japanese, and super yummy Gluten-free products today. Only the best for your home-cooking and office-snacking from now on.
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Whether you are a Vegetarian or Vegan, 100% Wellness is ready for you! We strive to bring forth the message through our curation that this diet is delicious, nutritious, and adventurous!
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Low Calorie Diet & Fitness

Who says dieting has to equate to boring food options? 100% Wellness brings to you only the yummiest food options that keep those calories down low, and keep you fitter than ever!
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100% Wellness Reviews

Absolutely love it!! Wish I have discovered this shop earlier, now I can enjoy all my favorite pasta, ramen, even cookies and pancake like I did before I found out I am sensitive to gluten, dairy etc. Can't wait to order my second batch of gluten free yet delicious food from you guys! 

Jane Wong

Appreciate their help, i'm allergic to wheat and corn. For some of the products I was not sure if they had pre-mixed with corn powder , 100% Wellness really helped check for me, which made me feel relieved! Noodles are nice. Love them! (Ordered online yesterday and received it today! Super Fast!) Great!

Canny Chan


Nadia Yick

Health Tips!

The topics “Gluten-free”, “Vegetarian", "Vegan" seem to be the hottest topics in town these days. Yet many are definitely still perplexed about what these terms actually mean. 100% Wellness would love to walk you through different articles, and researches about this. (Of course, many fun facts, RECIPES and #LifeHacks are included in these blogs too! Go check it out now!)

【關於 100% Wellness 日本健康食品網購平台】

近年香港人更關注健康飲食,市面上各種的健康食品都大受歡迎。100% Wellness 專為關注健康飲食的人士提供更多日本健康食品選擇,而設立了網購平台,方便大家隨時隨地、足不出戶,也找到適合自己的健康食品,購物滿$500更免運費送貨上門。 另外,近年愈來愈多亞洲人身上出現麩質敏感的問題,尤其在香港這種潮濕的地方,更容易引起濕疹等皮膚問題,需要在飲食上減少攝取麩質的人士也因而增加。由於現時市面上佔多數的都是來自歐美的防敏健康食品,因此我們希望由日本尋找當地製造的各類型健康食品,把更適合香港人口味的健康食物直送到香港,令大家可以更輕鬆網購到心宜的食品,食得安心又美味! 我們大部份產品均來自日本,由原廠直送,而且是日本製造的健康食品。我們所挑選的產品都是當地著名及值得信賴的日本健康食物的品牌,具有品質保證。我們的香港倉庫更是整潔及恆溫的環境,適合存放各種食品,再以良好的包裝寄貨給客人,過往更得到不少客人的網購體驗良好評價!


本公司除了日本健康食品零售外,更期望與各零售商店及餐廳作批發或各種方式的合作。若對各種防敏、素類食品、其他日本健康食品和食材有興趣,歡迎聯絡我們專業團隊查詢。現時100% Wellness的合作夥伴包括: Organic MaMA有機農社, 無印良品、谷辰、APITA、誠品生活太古店、Infiniti C等,希望大家能在各區或更多途徑買到適合自己的健康食品。