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Enjoy Free Shipping with any purchase of HK $500 or above
Enjoy Free Shipping with any purchase of HK $500 or above


100% Wellness has been established since 2017. It started off as a brand curating all sorts of health foods mainly from Japan. In the midst of this process, we noticed that there was a real need in the market for a platform that specialized in selling affordable, gluten-free products. We’ve turned all of our energy towards that since, and begun our journey as a gluten-free specialist.

Thanks to social media and our dear customers’ word-of-mouth online and offline, gluten-sensitive, and people with different allergies, have started approaching us for allergen-free foods, for example: Gluten-free Eggs-free, Dairy-free, Vegetarian, Vegan etc. We have become a source for many as they seek specific foods that they can consume.

As we maintain a steady expansion of our gluten-free collection, we have started developing other special collections like Vegetarian and Vegan. It is your support that allows us and encourages us to continually grow the business; to fight for better prices for every single person-in-need; to continually serve the community with more affordable allergen-free foods.

A healthy body is a gift and a blessing. Protect it well! We are always here for you!